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Album: Flightless Bird by Scott Barkan

In 2014, Scott Barkan released "Flightless Bird" featuring his original songs. Scott Barkan plays guitar and sings vocals accompanied by Nate Allen on bass, Ian Carroll on drums, and Daniel Clarke on organ and piano.

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"Flightless Bird" is the sophomore solo record from NY based guitarist/songwriter Scott Barkan. Recorded over three days between Brooklyn, NY and Charlottesville, VA in the Spring of 2013, "Flightless Bird" captures Barkan's adventurous guitar playing and literate songwriting in a lush, full band context, comprised of mostly first takes and using minimal overdubs.

Though not deliberately conceived as a song cycle or concept album, the themes present in the title track - self doubt, feeling ill at ease with ones place in the world, and ultimate acceptance - run as an undercurrent throughout the record, filtered through a loose storyline of a relationship seemingly on its last legs.

Incredible original artwork provided by Portland, OR based illustrator Benjamin Dewey does even more to tie these ideas together, in a wordless story depicted throughout the packaging and disc art, only available with physical copies of the record.

Engineered by Ken Rich @ Grand Street Recording, Williamsburg, NY & Stewart Myers @ White Star Sound, Charlottesville, VA. Mixed by Stewart Myers @ Wishlist Recording, Richmond, VA. Mastered by Jamal Ruhe @ West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY. Produced by Scott Barkan.

Scott Barkan © 2014 Copyright Scott Barkan (700261389028)